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Remembering Michael

August 12, 2009

Michael was one of my favorite artists and I’m still reading all this stuff about him that should just not be written because it won’t bring him back and personally I don’t really care about all that. Like the article I read a couple of day ago saying that the doctors killed him and his bodyguards were the one that tried to help him out… I don’t know… I think that they just try to advertise Michael as much as they can.

I believe that we should just remember him like he was: a great singer, a fantastic dancer and most of all I will remember him as the man who marked my childhood.

The article I read was something like this:

“Dieter Wiesner, who was Michael’s manager from 1996 to 2003, claims the singer was often so “out of control” on prescription medication that he had to be watched at all times to make sure he didn’t overdose.

Recalling one harrowing trip, Dieter said:
On one flight Michael sat in the back row with Paris, and I sat in the row in front with Prince.

I made sure the doctor was in front and I would watch him for the whole flight to make sure he didn’t walk back to Michael and slip him something. Dieter claims the same doctor nearly caused Michael — who died in June aged 50 — to overdose in a Los Angeles hotel. He explained to Britain’s Daily Mirror: “I left the room for 30 minutes. I came back and he was drugged and would not act or react like before. He was out of control.”

The official autopsy report found Michael’s death was “caused by another person.” Meanwhile, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office has reportedly ruled on the cause of Michael’s death but is not releasing it at the request of the Los Angeles Police Department. Gossip website TMZ — who broke the story of the star’s death — claims the official autopsy report found the star’s death was “caused by another person.” According to police sources, the report has been put on “indefinite security hold” because it could scare potential witnesses into silence.

While many details of Michael’s death remain a mystery, the final days of his life will soon be on the big screen. Columbia Pictures has been granted rights to air footage from the week leading up to the singer’s death, which documents his preparations for his 50 sold-out London concerts. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff announced yesterday he had approved a deal between Jackson’s estate, concert promoter AEG Live and Columbia Pictures for a movie.

The film — entitled “This Is It,” the name given to the mammoth residency — is set to be released on October 30.”

On the good side… I am looking forward to seeing this movie.