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The little fish that could

September 1, 2009


I heard lots of jokes about the little golden fish, many people asked me “what if you catch it, what would you do?”. Now I don’t really want to go in all that but what I would like to ask you all is the following: I need people to go on a website and click on one link (just click, nothing to write to prove you are human or something). I have a little fish there (you may see a zebra there but it’s really a fish) and I consider it to be golden and can make wishes come true. That is why, for every vote, you can leave a comment on  this blog with your wish and the little fish will try it’s best to make that wish come true.

Be advised that the little fish is not in anyway related to Bill Gates and Trump is not my father, so please don’t wish for a billion dollars or anything like that. You can ask the fish a very hard question that you don’t know the answer and wish you knew it, tell him to go on another site to help you out or just get him to say hello.

I’m really curious how this will work out for the little fish that could.

If you want to help the golden fish out just click HERE